About my Machine Learning videos:

"Your new ML videos are fantastic. They assume nothing and explain everything." - Bob Haffner

"Thank you for your lectures. Coming from physics, your videos were instrumental in getting me up to speed in ML!" - Richard Galvez, PhD

"Excellent introduction to machine learning in Python. By @justmarkham — one of the best instructors that I've seen." - Asif Mehedi

"This literally is best tutorial guide on the Internet... thank you so much." - Bilal Majeed

"I went through all 6 lectures of your video series. I thought they were done extremely well. They were of the right duration, perfect pace and I learnt something new after going through each one." - Somnath Banarjee

"A M A Z I N G ! In one day I've learned what I need to get into machine learning in python and scikit-learn." - Diogo Goncalves

"This was a FANTASTIC video series. You are very easy to follow and this was the first resource I found that really walked through the python language basics in terms of machine learning. Also this really helped me understand the documentation on scikit-learn so that I can apply it to more complicated models." - Robin Boytos

"This is the best software tutorial I've ever seen on YouTube. You are an outstanding teacher." - dataminingincae

"Excellent series! This is the first time I've studied machine learning. You are doing an outstanding job of transforming it from a science fiction term into a tangible subject." - BrothersFreedive

"I never imagined something as archaic as machine learning could be taught with such ease and grace. Everything about your videos is spot on. From your lectures, to the development environment, to the recommendations and links. Love the follow-up links. So helpful. Can't wait for more!!!" - Rayed Bin Wahed

"I've always wanted to learn about machine learning, but any videos I found were either too complicated or too long. I found your videos and it is like a golden oasis." - Kashyap Murali

"Your videos are absolutely incredible. I have just completed the course on Machine Learning with Python and I can say I understood every single thing thanks to your excellent teaching style and skills." - Guillaume B

"Your clarity in speech and your thorough explanations are absolutely outstanding. Your teaching skills easily surpass the majority of professors I've experienced." - Michael Iuzzolino

"Thank you so much. Your series is honestly the best I've found for learning ML, it's been so helpful for me :D" - Andrew Hintermeier

"This video series sets such a high standards for Content, Context and Delivery of Machine Learning training! It's a winner for all those who are starting to learn Machine Learning!!" - Pranav Joshi

"Just brilliant. Not an inch of fluff in what you teach and you do it so beautifully." - Puru Naktode

"I have seen a lot of stuff on machine learning but couldn't get it. Your work is amazing. You let me know that I can learn ML too." - Navin Kamdar

"First of all, I can't thank you enough for what I have learned throughout these series. These series were instrumental in enabling me to get comfortable with approaching a machine learning problem." - Puneeth B

About my Machine Learning tutorial at PyCon:

"Hands down the best machine learning presentation I've seen thus far." - Tsering Paljor

"The best tutorial I have ever watched! Kevin you have mastered both the art of machine learning and teaching :)" - Jagadeesh Gajula

About my Machine Learning with Text course:

"The course was a perfect introduction to machine learning with text, and I was able to apply topics covered during the first week to my work. Kevin does a great job of breaking down complex topics and providing a practical, real-world context for them." - Ryan Cranfill (Product Data Analyst)

"Kevin Markham's Data School courses are remarkably good. Kevin has the ability to simplify complicated concepts and explain not only how to code, but also the 'why' behind it. I have been very happy with the cost and quality of the courses and have learned more in 4 weeks than the 18 months of coursework I've taken from a leading university." - Harvey Summers (Information Security Team Leader)

"Practical and easy-to-follow course on advanced topics in machine learning. Videos are incredible, full of tips and resources. Outstanding teaching skills by Kevin and his team." - Miguel Angel Regalado (Digital Analytics Consultant)

"The course is amazing! Very logical, and goes quite a bit in depth. The structure is great, as it moves from easy to hard, and in the end, you realize how much you have learned. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in machine learning." - Diane (Full Stack Developer)

"Kevin's courses are focused and coherent. Tools learned each week build upon and complement one another, and the classes culminate with a larger-scale project that shows how what you've learned can come together. I learned a great deal, and highly recommend Data School to those looking to explore machine learning tools in greater depth." - Charles Franzen (Assistant Education Manager)

"Kevin is an extremely knowledgeable teacher who cares about his students and puts a ton of preparation into his courses and materials. Kevin's approach to teaching data science is logical, well-structured and accessible. I highly recommend this course." - Chandler McCann (Manager of Data Analytics)

"In Machine Learning with Text, Kevin Markham does a superb job walking you through this topic at an intermediate level. The classes were totally engrossing. His homework assignment for each class steps you through a process so that you don't get stuck at any stage. He points to a tremendous amount of carefully curated supporting material. I'm looking forward to his next offering." - Dr. Kathleen Perez-Lopez (Senior Data Scientist)

"If you like Kevin's material, you will love his classes. Full of information that will take your Python skills to the next level and will leave you wanting more. This will be the best $300 you spend on training." - Leo Lillard (Lead Data Scientist)

"Stop reading this and sign up now! Kevin isn't just a programmer/data scientist, he's a great teacher. If I had paid a lot more for this class, it would still have been worth it. After taking a lot of other online courses, I feel like I'm finally getting valuable skills, tools and info I can use and financially benefit from." - Jeff Weakley (Creative Director)

"I now feel very confident to use pandas and scikit-learn for machine learning. I can highly recommend Kevin's course, he is a great teacher and can explain difficult concepts really well!" - Wolfgang Guba (Computational Chemist)

"Having known Kevin from his YouTube videos on scikit-learn and more recently pandas, I've long admired his ability to explain difficult concepts in clear language. This new course was no exception. I now feel prepared to use machine learning in my text analysis projects." - Asif Mehedi (Research Associate)

"Kevin is the teacher that everyone needs. He makes complicated concepts simple through a meticulously well-crafted course plan." - Dr. Jovian Lin (Senior Research Scientist)

"One of the best, if not the best course I have taken." - Amit Dingare (Director of Data Science)

"You won't find a better course to learn about NLP and machine learning in Python anywhere else! Kevin has a way of making difficult topics very accessible and understandable. I was able to quickly apply much of the theory and code regarding NLP and machine learning from this course to my own job." - Cliff Baker (Statistician)

"Kevin is a fantastic and thoughtful teacher. The course is incredibly well designed -- each element complements the others, and together they're a great tool for skill-building. I took this course because it happened to address exactly the methods I want to use in my dissertation, but after such a good experience I'll probably take any course Kevin teaches in the future, even if it's just somewhat related to my research." - Cait U (PhD student)

About my pandas videos:

"These are really fantastic pandas tutorials, Kevin. Thank you very much. I think you're an amazing teacher. You take such careful attention to detail and your words are so clear. The lessons are so well paced." - hullboy73

"I was having tough time with pandas, but these tutorials are gem. I already shared with some folks and all have great things to say about it. Thanks for doing this." - Aniruddha

"Excellent videos. Crisp and perfect." - Ramakanth Rayanchi

"Your videos are extremely helpful. I like that you use actual data sets and try a lot of different applications of the concept being discussed rather than just overly simplistic examples. Your content has helped me immensely!" - Sean Montague

"Very useful tips. You make pandas easy to understand. Thank you!" - Greg Hacobian

"I have tried edX, Coursera, Udacity and other online resources. I have found your method of teaching the best... You are nothing short of awesome!" - Deepak K.

"Thank you the amazing tutorials. Seriously these are one of the best I have seen." - Krish Kk

"Thanks for the great series. Your videos have given me a good foundation in pandas. With what I have learned here I have already been able to generate several data clean-up scripts, and run data analysis that I have presented at an academic conference using only pandas." - Peter Sanders

"Your videos really are terrifically helpful, explaining things thoroughly from base concepts upwards as you do is just brilliant and your explanations are always extremely clear and precise. Thank you so much for all the time you spend on this - I'm tremendously grateful as I'm sure are many others." - Michael Cross

"My compliments to this video series. Crystal clear in didactics, super useful and presented in a very digestable way. I have been teaching all of my life and this is AAA." - Marc Toma

"Crystal clear as always. This channel is the unsung hero of pandas instruction on YouTube." - Diachron

"I spent hours trying to figure this stuff out through reading chapters and chapters in Python books. Then I come here, and everything I was trying to figure out was explained in 9 minutes. This was IMMENSELY helpful, thanks!" - fredcalo

"I just wanted to thank you for these great videos. I can't believe they are free. They are just perfect. Just enough 'why' to make the 'how' stick." - Michael Reinhard

"I just wanted to tell you that I've been taking a lot of MOOCS on Python and Pandas and I found your videos while researching for a assignment. I watched just about all your videos and if it wasn't for your videos, I wouldn't have been able to pass the courses. Thank you for explaining everything in such a clear and concise manner. Your YouTube channel is my go to before googling anything. Again thank you!" - Ranjan Rehman

"I am loving this video series! I've gotten into research at my school working with data analytics; I've been learning Python and the functionality of Pandas in data science and your videos are fantastic in explaining everything." - Keith Hollingsworth

"I'd like to thank you for this series! You are a fantastic teacher: the videos are clear and of good quality, you go over everything in a relaxed way and explain everything thoroughly. This series is helping me out a lot, great work!" - Dave

"Just seen your pandas Q&A on YouTube and think you are one of the most gifted teachers I have ever watched. :-) Great work!" - visarga

"You are so good at teaching this topic, that I have spent my whole Saturday watching your videos. I forgot I was on youtube, this feels like I am listing to a great orator in lecture hall. It comes across so smooth, engaging and first rate. I must say that your calling is teaching. Love these videos - top marks on presentation." - AbdulAleem Seyed

"Dude you are absolutely amazing!! I'm doing a Master on Analytics in Colombia and have learned from your videos WAY more than the entire semester with my teacher. Great way of teaching, pase, voice tone, etc. Congratulations and PLEASE keep up the good work!" - Pablo Jaramillo

"I've watched over 200 hours of python tutorials and you are by far the best. I'm going back to watch every single one of your videos because I still learn new things from you." - Kin Cheng

"Been coding for years and this is some of the best teaching I've ever seen. Thanks!" - Ann M

"Kevin is by far, the best Python teacher I have ever encountered on youtube." - yichuntsai

"It's 3am in the morning and I am trying to get sleep but your videos are just tooooooo good. Thanks a lot. I am really lucky that I found your channel." - Awesh Bhornya

"You are great man! Not all heroes wear capes." - Adil Adilzade

"Your tutorials make sense out of what was once incredibly complicated and scary code. My final project for my business programming class has been made infinitely easier because of your amazing tutorials. Thank you so much for these videos." - Carl Harms

About my pandas tutorial at PyCon:

"Nice to see you making more videos. I've got a lot to thank you for. I now have an opportunity at Apple 😀" - lceus

"These tutorials are the only ones that make me feel smarter after doing them rather than dumber. They are just so clear." - Michael Reinhard

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks! I've recently seen your video from the 2018 conference , and my pandas skills exploded after that :)" - centar15

About my web scraping videos:

"I've never commented on a yt video in my life but I just wanted to say that you are the best teacher I've ever listened to. If there was a video like that on every subject, the overall education level in the world would skyrocket. Please never stop, the world needs more people like you." - Brian Piorkowski

"I've got zero experience in programming and after watching all four videos, I crawled few web pages in a hour. Thanks for your videos. You're great teacher." - Stalin Millar S

"This was a great series on web scraping. I wish there were more teachers like you, absolutely loved watching and following this." - Hamza Rafique

"I finished your tutorial series on Web scraping with python. You're just the ideal teacher every student wishes for! You rock!" - Kishore Meda

"You are so far the best teacher that I have encountered in the whole online space. Your methodology is second to none. You are so precise in your build up of topics covered, order of presentation, speech speed, thought structure and the list goes on. Simply brilliant. Thank you." - Mario Šunjara

About my Git videos:

"This is absolutely amazing. Very clear, great lectures." - Simply Statistics

"Kevin, thank you so much for creating these. The videos are supremely useful and easy to follow, and I really appreciate you explaining the basic concepts and what we are doing in addition to how we are doing it." - imnotellie

"Thank you so much for this video. You saved my weekend!" - Miki H

"Thank you for the huge effort to put these videos together - I appreciate the way that very little knowledge is assumed but the pace is rapid so that one can make quick progress." - Dale Millar

"You're amazing. I've never commented on YouTube, I just created an account to say that. These videos were fantastic." - A ElRazi

"I felt like I was wasting my time trying to solve what I knew was only a minor missing link in my understanding, and your videos helped me to identify that knowledge gap in less than four minutes flat. Thank you Kevin!" - Coursera student

About my dplyr videos:

"This is an awesome tutorial. I am a graduate student in Civil Engineering and started using R only because EXCEL couldn't open my data files. Since I am not in data science, sometimes it becomes really difficult to ask 'proper' questions and understand answers about R. I am telling you this because I want to THANK YOU for this great effort you put in for making your readers understanding something new." - Umair Durrani

"Both videos are very well done. The clearest explanation of joins I've ever come across." - Norman Albertson

"Excellent videos on dplyr. You have a great teaching style." - Nimish Sheth

"This video and the 'going deeper' video are my two favorite YouTube videos. Well... maybe right below the Red Shirt Guy, and 'Can't Hug Every Cat'. But they are very good." - Chris Bruner

About my ROC Curve post/video:

"This is great. I was scratching my head over what is this ROC curve. This clearly explains it and it is actually very very READABLE. Thumbs up :)" - Brandon Ko

"This is an incredibly clear and intuitive explanation of ROC curves. Thank you so much!" - Joshua

"Best explanation on the net :-)" - Arindam Batabyal

"I am amazed by how you explain this subject so easily." - Jose Paulo Henrique de Melo Fernandes

"Thanks for all the excellent posts/videos/tutorials you have available online. They are invaluable, and have made my teaching task a lot easier. I recently showed the ROC curves video in class: Wow! Everyone just loved it!" - Business Analytics instructor

"Just fabulous - crystal clear explanation to something I had never really understood." - eyeojo


"Thank you so much for this video. Your logical, cumulative explanation and clear visuals have made the rationale for using ROC curves and AUC far easier to understand." - Tedworth307

About my other tutorials:

"First of all a BIG BIG BIG Thank you for your outstanding tutorials. You are one of the 4 instructors who has helped me get my dream job in Data Science at the age of 40." - Anand Subramanian

"Thank you for the great work. You are one of the best teachers I have come across in my life, respect." -
Toronto Corporate Photos

"Your Data School videos have been profoundly helpful as I've started to learn Python to become a data scientist." - David Novak

"Amazing contents, your YouTube channel is like Khan Academy for data science." - Jacob Stallone

"Met the guy whose YouTube channel changed my life! Thanks so much @justmarkham you're awesome!" - Dr. Sagar Jilka

"Thank you Kevin - your videos and clear instruction were pivotal in my transition from data analyst to data scientist." - Alex Sherman

"Your stuff is amazing and very accessible. I got my first data science job because of your channel." - Ashish Gusain

About my other blog posts:

"I can't say enough good about Data School and Kevin Markham's ability to make the complex (even confusion) understandable. In terms of time spent/useful information learned, Data School was my best investment so far." - Harvey Summers on Simple guide to confusion matrix terminology

"After spending an hour on Stack Overflow and other websites, I finally stumbled upon this page. This article is what I needed desperately since I was new to GitHub. Simple language and elegant explanation. Wish people could write in such an elegant manner." - Mayank Gupta on Simple guide to forks in GitHub and Git

About my classroom instruction:

"I've worked with Kevin for a year and he is one of the finest instructors to have taught our Data Science course." - Patrick DePuydt

"Kevin is an incredibly effective communicator and teacher. I cannot differentiate between him and the best teachers that I have known and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him." - Josiah Davis (full testimonial below)

"Fantastic instructor that distilled many complex machine learning ideas into an understandable format for the class. Extremely willing to help outside of class and always willing to answer questions as well." - student

"Kevin has done a phenomenal job in preparing for the class. He has carefully prepared his lessons and has detailed and annotated resources available as needed for students of all levels. Kevin is very responsive in terms of constructive feedback and out of class assistance." - student

"Kevin is the bomb! He has a lot of patience and you can tell he loves what he does." - student

"Kevin and [his co-instructor] are amazing. It is obvious that they both spend a tremendous amount of time planning lessons that convey complex subjects in straightforward, meaningful ways. Kevin in particular has a natural knack for teaching, is patient, understanding, and meets each student where they are in their learning path in order to bring them up to where they need to be. They're both very available (via slack, before and after class) to take all types of questions and inquiries. I feel they're really rooting for us to succeed." - student

"Kevin and [his co-instructor] have been great. The content is challenging, and they did a great job of breaking it down to help us understand it without watering it down. They went out of their way to create a positive environment where people felt safe to push themselves and ask questions." - student

"My instructors went beyond what most college instructors I've known are willing to do in order to help students succeed. The structure of the class in providing practical use of the modeling packages has been exactly what was missing from my other education." - student

"Thanks again for being a great instructor. As someone who barely knew how to code and hadn't thought about statistics since college, I definitely came a long way." - student

Full testimonial from Josiah Davis (data scientist):

I was a co-instructor for General Assembly’s Data Science course with Kevin and have worked very closely with him over the past three months. General Assembly’s Data Science course is an intense experience that begins with an introduction to important concepts in machine learning and culminates with students learning and implementing state-of-the-art machine learning techniques on their own data. There are three things that I learned about Kevin through this experience:

First, Kevin is passionate about what he does. Kevin began each class by saying something to the effect of “I am really excited to teach this topic,” which set the tone for the class from the beginning. This attitude of excitement about learning was contagious throughout the class, and students were regularly on the edge of their seats and engaged for the duration of each class. (This is quite amazing considering that each class was 3 hours long, and, for most students, immediately following a full day’s work.)

Second, Kevin has an incredible ability to communicate technical concepts in a clear and compelling way. Kevin taught several topics relevant to Data Science including Data Analysis in Python, Introduction to Machine Learning, Model Evaluation, Naïve Bayes Classification, and Natural Language Processing. From sitting in on these classes it was clear to me that Kevin knew these topics inside and out, and had put considerable thought into crafting thoughtful and insightful teaching content so that the students left class understanding the “what”, the “why” and the “how” behind each topic.

Third, Kevin is an empathetic person and genuinely cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others. We had a very diverse student body with each person bringing their own set of strengths and weaknesses ranging from people with masters degrees in quantitative fields to people with little math or computer science background at all. Kevin was sensitive to this in his approach to teaching the content and went out of his way to meet students where they were at in their level of understanding. For example, there were some students who came to the class with no background whatsoever in Python. Knowing this, even though it was not required of him to do so, Kevin created additional classes, workshops, and resources to ensure that Python would not be a barrier for students to learn the content.

In summary, Kevin is an incredibly effective communicator and teacher. I cannot differentiate between him and the best teachers that I have known and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him. I give him my highest recommendation.