About Data School

Data School is an online school that helps you to learn data science so that you can launch your data science career and solve the problems that matter to you!

We make it easier to learn data science by focusing you on the most essential topics and providing in-depth learning materials that you can understand regardless of your educational or professional background.

Our learning materials are available as video-based courses, YouTube videos, and blog posts (this site). Nearly everything we teach is 100% free, with the exception of some of the courses.

Here's our recommended learning path: How to launch your data science career (with Python).

About the Founder

Photo of Kevin Markham

👋 Welcome! My name is Kevin Markham, and I'm the founder of Data School. In the past 8 years, I've taught data science to more than a million students online and in the classroom.

I'm passionate about teaching people who are new to the field of data science. You are welcome to learn from me regardless of what you do for a living and whether or not you have a degree!

My learning materials explain data science topics in a clear, thorough, and step-by-step manner. I strive to make my lessons accessible to students at all levels of knowledge and experience.

Instructional experience: Lead Instructor for General Assembly's Data Science course (Washington, DC) with more than 400 hours of teaching experience, and Instructor Fellow, responsible for training and mentoring new data science instructors.

Speaking experience: PyCon 2016, PyData DC 2016, Demystifying Data Science 2017, PyCon 2018, PyCon 2019.

Other experience: Data Science Expert Mentor for Springboard, Community Teaching Assistant for the JHU Data Science Specialization, Technical Reviewer for Python Data Science Essentials.

Education: Degree in Computer Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

Personal: I live in Asheville, North Carolina with my wife and son.

Connect with me:

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