June 25, 2020 · Python machine learning

Answering 59 scikit-learn questions (video)

In April, I hosted a live, public webcast to answer any questions about scikit-learn. I've been teaching scikit-learn for five years, and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with others!

Hundreds of people attended, and I answered 59 questions in 90 minutes! ā±šŸ˜…

You can watch the recording right now:

šŸ‘‰ Watch me answer 59 scikit-learn questions LIVE šŸ‘ˆ

Here are a few of the questions I answered:

Click on a question to jump directly to my answer!

New scikit-learn course šŸŽ“

I also answered questions about my new course, Building an Effective Machine Learning Workflow with scikit-learn. Here are a few of those questions:

Although the "Live Course" has already taken place, you can still enroll today to access 8 hours of recordings šŸŽ„ and my detailed instructional notebooks šŸ““

šŸ‘‰ Learn more and enroll here šŸ‘ˆ

"This was one of the best data science classes I have ever taken... I was impressed with Kevin's easy-to-understand teaching style where he clearly explains the 'what' and 'why' of each principle... I highly recommend this course." - Khaled Jafar (Director of Analytics)

Please comment below or email me if you have any questions!

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