You're trying to launch your career in data science, and I want to help you reach that goal!

My name is Kevin Markham. I'm a data scientist and a teacher.

Previously, I was the lead instructor for General Assembly's 11-week data science course in Washington, DC, as well an instructor fellow, responsible for training and mentoring new data science instructors. I have over 400 hours of classroom experience teaching data science in Python. Here are testimonials about my teaching.

Currently, I'm teaching my own online course, Machine Learning with Text in Python, and will be launching other courses in 2017.

I'm the founder of the Data School blog and YouTube channel (1,500,000+ views), a former Data Science Expert Mentor for Springboard, a long-time Community Teaching Assistant for the Johns Hopkins University Data Science Specialization, a technical reviewer for Python Data Science Essentials, and a conference speaker at PyCon 2016 and PyData DC 2016.

I love to teach data science, and I created Data School after finding that most data science educational resources are inaccessible to people new to the field. Thus, I strive to make my resources accessible to data scientists at all levels of knowledge and experience.

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